Fiorenzato All Ground Espresso Coffee Grinder – UL, 110V

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Fiorenzato All Ground Espresso Coffee Grinder – UL, 110V

Fiorenzato makes grinders primarily geared toward espresso. However, NOW you can get your hands on the Fiorenzato All Ground, which allows you to grind for espresso, moka, and filter coffee! Are you a home barista or work in a small office? Then pair this espresso coffee grinder with your home espresso machine, moka pot, or filter coffee maker!

How will the Fiorenzato All Ground know which type of coffee you are looking to grind? Well, it features micrometrical step grinding adjustment, where you can dial in Espresso Mode, Moka Mode, or Filter Mode! The micrometrical dials connect with the touch pad since it controls your doses and program your grinding in each mode.

Are you interested in mostly grinding espresso? Then check out the Fiorenzato F4 Nano!

Grinding adjustment

  • Micrometrical step – Just beneath the bean hopper, you will see the three different modes on the micrometrical dials (Moka Mode, Filter Mode, and Espresso Mode). Turn the dial with the bean hopper on or off to select the mode you would like to use. Thus, you will remember your current grind setting easier.

Grinding burrs

  • Flat burrs – Large size at 64 mm. The larger the size, the more of a grinding surface, resulting in faster production. These red speed burrs are made with stainless steel and coated with long-lasting TITANIUM. Take a look at the image and be amazed at how they look!
  • High rpm – Fast spinning rate at 1400 rpm (50 HZ). The higher the speed, the faster the production, which can increase efficiency and reduce wait times.

Electronic controls

  • Modes for multi-brew methods – On the touch pad, you will see the three modes (Moka Mode, Filter Mode, or Espresso Mode), depending on which of the three you select on the micrometrical dials.
  • Multiple dosing options – To grind a single dose, hit the single coffee button on the touch pad for approximately 6 seconds. To grind a double dose, hit the double coffee button on the touch pad for approximately 12 seconds. For both single and double dose, you can adjust the amount of time using the + or – signs on the touch pad.

Portafilter fork – for Espresso Mode ONLY

  • Adjustable – The distance from the fork to the coffee chute is ~2.5″. There is a Flathead screw which you can adjust the distance to ~2″.
  • Hands-free – Underneath the coffee chute is a lip which the rim of your portafilter can rest on. This can accommodate “most” portafilters (portafilter not included).

Removable bean hopper

  • Low profile – Our Fiorenzato All Ground grinders come with the shorter hopper. The total height of the grinder is 17 inches. The total hopper capacity is 250 grams of roasted coffee beans.
  • Fingerguard – Prevents users from “accidentally” putting their fingers in the grinding burrs.
  • Stopper – A door near the bottom of the hopper can be pushed in to close the opening. This allows you to remove the hopper with beans inside so you can easily change the beans. There will be some beans already passed in the burrs which will have to be ground out first before removing the hopper.

Accessories included

  • Cap for chute – Insert this cap in the chute to clean the residual grinds coming out of the chute as best as possible.
  • Grinds-catching filter – Insert this filter in the chute when in Moka Mode or Filter Mode so the grinds could go right in. Therefore, this leads to very little mess!
  • Cap for grinds-catching filter – Place the cap on top of the filter to properly store the grinds after grinding in Moka Mode or Filter Mode.
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 22 in